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PA Insurance Law Act # 367

Protect yourself and your property .... know the law!

"We work with your insurance company - but We work for you

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has ruled that insurance appraisers must leave a copy of their appraisal at the body shop at the time it is written. If it is a computer estimate, the appraiser must personally return to the shop with a copy of the estimate. The purpose is to give the shop owner an opportunity to review and discuss the figures.

A second ruling covers drive-in claim center. If the insured goes to the drive-in with a body shop estimate and it does not agree with the insurance estimate the car owner must be sent back to the shop to work out the differences. The insurance claim people may not say, "This is all we will pay and here are three (3) shops that will do it for that price."

If a policyholder gets his first estimate at a drive-in center and indicates that he wants another estimate from a certain body shop, the insurer must not attempt to prevent a shop estimate or steer the policyholder to another shop.

If shop and insurance estimates differ, the insurance company must attempt to reach an agreement with the shop.

Another rule forbids insurance companies from asking for three (3) estimates. And if the repairs will cost more than $250.00, the insurance company must send an appraiser to the shop of the insured's choice or take the shop's estimate.

The new rules were announced to members by the Automotive Service Councils of Pennsylvania. All shops in the state will benefit, but the progress in protection is a tribute to ASCP and it's attorney, Joel Weisberg.

Weisburg said it is up to body shop owners to enforce the new rules.

"We work with your insurance company - but

We work for you"



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